Founder/CEO of The Cooking Tutor in Culinary School

Here at The Cooking Tutor, we LOVE food. But not just any food… We were founded on the belief that good people with good ingredients make the best food, and our goal is to help you discover that too.

We were founded by Abraham (“Chef Avi”) Brudoley (pictured above, left), a fellow food lover, who realized that something seemed wrong with the culinary world. In his time working in restaurants and bakeshops, he felt there was too much effort put into presentation and prestige and that authenticity and passion were being ignored. Something important was missing in the world of food. Or, in his words: “it became a competition of how many years you spent in culinary school or how much truffle oil you can throw on the plate, but nobody seemed to care about the food.” The Cooking Tutor is here to help you learn to care.

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